Steel Rule Dies are utilized in manufacturing across every imaginable industry.  Contact us today to discuss how our dies can further your business.  Quotes are always free & our average response time is under an hour.

Your business needs to stand out in its unique label and nameplate/tag needs.  When you're doing high volume production, you want to know that each label and every name tag comes out as perfect as the first.  Alpha Industries gives you that reassurance with our quirky and functional label and nameplate dies.


Many of our customers at Alpha Industries require critically strict tolerances for their dies.  Which is why we offer the options to sample jobs using supplied materials.  Get a single cavity sample of your steel rule die before doing the entire array to ensure you will get the cut edge you need.  Or make sure to get a sample every time, with every die.  


When your industry requires the most exact tolerances, Alpha Industries is your first and only stop.  Our transmission gasket dies arrive to you quickly and done right the first time.  Our membrane switch steel rule dies are accurately cut within +/- .005 specifications.  Your high performance parts will sustain flawlessly using an Alpha die.


Did the steel rule die shop you use go out of business?  Is your current steel rule die manufacturer not meeting your needs?  We do rerules or digitize to make new dies off your "old dies".  Send us the images/CAD files, or send us the entire die itself.  We will produce a new, quality steel rule die within your precision tolerances so that you can see the Alpha advantage.  


Alpha Industries was able to stay open as an essential business during the Covid-19 crisis.  In a time of uncertainty, our clients turned to us to produce life saving face masks and plastic shields.  With exceptional haste, our shop of craftsmen moved with precise results to offer superior steel rule dies to those in need.  


With over thirty years of steel rule die making experience, there are things that we can do at Alpha Industries that others shops cannot do.  We are known for our kiss cut steel rule dies.  We can offer kiss cutting in wood or plexiglass or rayform.  If you have any questions about kisscut dies, click our live chat and ask our experts today.